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Associations of teat morphometric parameters and subclinical mastitis in riverine buffaloes

  • Gagandeep Kaur (a1), Baljinder Kumar Bansal (a1), Raj Sukhbir Singh (a2), Neeraj Kashyap (a3) and Shukriti Sharma (a1)...

The possible association between teat morphometric traits and subclinical mastitis (SCM) in dairy buffaloes was studied. Teat morphometric parameters, i.e. teat shape (bottle, conical, cylindrical, and others), teat-end shape (flat, round, and pointed), teat length (TL), teat diameter (TD), and teat-end to floor distance were measured before milking, but after proper milk let-down, in clinically healthy buffaloes (47 Murrah and 34 Nili-Ravi breeds). Subclinical mastitis was defined on the basis of bacteriology and somatic cell count (SCC) of quarter foremilk samples. A high proportion of cylindrical teats (40%) and pointed teat-ends (64·4%) was observed. Hind teats were longer and thicker than fore teats (P < 0·05). A significant breed effect was found with respect to teat shape, length and diameter (P < 0·05). Teats were mostly cylindrical (43·3 vs. 35·4%) and conical (34·2 vs. 30·8%) shaped, smaller (mean 8·2 vs. 9·5 cm) and thinner (mean 3·3 vs. 3·6 cm) in the Murrah breed compared with the Nili-Ravi breed. Teats that had ‘other’ shapes and were longer, wider, and placed closer to the floor were more associated with SCM (P < 0·05). Mean SCC was significantly higher (P < 0·05) in Nili-Ravi buffaloes, teat shapes classified as ‘others’, and quarters with SCM. Teat morphometric traits seem to be associated with indicators of udder health in buffaloes, thus, their inclusion in breeding programmes for selection against undesirable dairy type traits may be of value in reducing susceptibility to intramammary infections in Indian buffaloes.

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