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Backtracking with cut via a distributive law and left-zero monoids*

  • MACIEJ PIRÓG (a1) and SAM STATON (a2)


We employ the framework of algebraic effects to augment the list monad with the pruning cut operator known from Prolog. We give two descriptions of the resulting monad: as the monad of free left-zero monoids, and as a composition via a distributive law of the list monad and the ‘unary idempotent operation’ monad. The scope delimiter of cut arises as a handler.



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Research supported by a Royal Society University Research Fellowship and EPSRC Grant EP/N007387/1



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Backtracking with cut via a distributive law and left-zero monoids*

  • MACIEJ PIRÓG (a1) and SAM STATON (a2)


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Backtracking with cut via a distributive law and left-zero monoids*

  • MACIEJ PIRÓG (a1) and SAM STATON (a2)
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