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Editorial board

Matthias Felleisen, College of Computer Science|Northeastern University|360 Huntingdon Avenue|Boston MA 02115 |USA

Jeremy Gibbons, Department of Computer Science |University of Oxford |Wolfson Building |Parks Road |Oxford|OX1 3QD|UK


Fritz Henglein, Department of Computer Science (DIKU)|University of Copenhagen|Universitetsparken 5 |DK-2100 Copenhagen|Denmark

François Pottier, Inria Paris - Rocquencourt|Domaine de Voluceau|Rocquencourt - B.P. 105|78153 Le Chesnay

Stephanie Weirich, University of Pennsylvania|Department of Computer and Information Science|Levine Hall|3330 Walnut Street|Philadelphia, PA 19104-6309|USA

Functional Pearl Editor

Ralf Hinze, Department of Computer Science |University of Oxford|Wolfson Building |Parks Road |Oxford OX1 3QD|UK

PhD Abstract Editor

Graham Hutton, School of Computer Science|University of Nottingham|Jubilee Campus|Wollaton Road |Nottingham NG8 1BB|UK

Commercial Uses Editor

Anil Madhapaveddy, University of Cambridge|Computer Laboratory|William Gates Building|15 JJ Thomson Avenue|Cambridge CB3 0FD|UK

Tools and Applications Editor

Dr Laurence Tratt, Department of Informatics|King's College London|Strand|London, WC2R 2LS|UK

Theoretical Pearl Editor

Robert Harper, School of Computer Science|Carnegie Mellon University|Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890|USA

Educational Editor

Shriram Krishnamurthi, Computer Science Department|Box 1910, Brown University|Providence, RI 02912-1910|USA

Book Review Editor

Norman Ramsey, Tufts University, USA

Editorial Board

Andrew Adams-Moran, Galois, USA

Amal Ahmed, Northeastern University, USA

Nick Benton, Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK

Lars Birkedal, Aarhus University, Denmark

Edwin Brady, St. Andrews University, UK

Derek Dreyer, MPI-SWS, Germany

Jean-Christophe Filliâtre, CNRS, France

Robert Findler, Northwestern University, USA

Matthew Flatt, University of Utah, USA

Gabriele Keller, University of New South Wales, Australia

Brigitte Pientka, McGill University, Canada

Norman Ramsey, Tufts University, USA

Mike Sperber, Active Group, Germany

Eijiro Sumii, Tohoku University, Japan

Peter Thiemann, University of Freiburg, Germany

Nicholas Wu, University of Bristol, UK