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Web-accessible accompanying material
Web-accessible accompanying material for your paper

For some (but not all) papers it may be useful to accompany the paper with source code, data, proofs, or other material, in web-readable form. This is appropriate for papers describing programming techniques, software libraries, modest applications, and theoretical papers involving long and tedious proofs. It may be less appropriate for tutorials, surveys, or large implementations. You can now do that for JFP. Here's how it works:

* You provide a set of one or more files; one of them must be "index.html", an HTML home page for the material. We will arrange a link from the abstract of your paper (available in a couple of clicks from the JFP web site) to the index.html" file that you provide. The printed copy will also say how to find the material.

* We permanently maintain all the files you supply, at the JFP web
site. Material that is hosted on the JFP site is regarded as part of the submission, and will be included in the refereeing process. The "index.html" home page should contain links (direct or indirect) to all the other files. Some of these other
files might be tar'd up bundles for convenient download; whatever you provide we'll use.

* Once your paper, and its accompanying material is published, the Web-accessible material will not be changed. You may, at any time, ask to add new material to your "index.html" page (clearly identified, with data attached), but you cannot delete or change any existing material. The whole point of a journal is to capture a particular, self-consistent snapshot. The source code (or whatever) that you provide is mutually consistent with the printed material and, because we keep it, it will remain so.

That is not to say that errors cannot be corrected! Your subsequent additions (if any) to the online supplementary material may certainly take the form of errata, correcting errors in the paper, or providing new, better, download bundles. Any such additions should be dated.

Your "index.html" file can also contain a link back to your own home site, where readers can find fuller information, or more up-to-date source code; but any such link must be clearly identified as going outside the JFP archive.

* Whether or not you supply accompanying material for your paper, please include in your submission the home-page URLs for each of the authors.