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Coastal ice-core record of recent northwest Greenland temperature and sea-ice concentration

  • Erich C. Osterberg (a1), Robert L. Hawley (a1), Gifford Wong (a1), Ben Kopec (a1), David Ferris (a1) and Jennifer Howley (a1)...

Coastal ice cores provide an opportunity to investigate regional climate and sea-ice variability in the past to complement hemispheric-scale climate reconstructions from ice-sheet-interior ice cores. Here we describe robust proxies of Baffin Bay temperature and sea-ice concentration from the coastal 2Barrel ice core collected in the Thule region of northwest Greenland. Over the 1990–2010 record, 2Barrel annually averaged methanesulfonic acid (MSA) concentrations are significantly correlated with May–June Baffin Bay sea-ice concentrations and summer temperatures. Higher MSA is observed during warmer years with less sea ice, indicative of enhanced primary productivity in Baffin Bay. Similarly, 2Barrel annually averaged deuterium excess (d-excess) values are significantly correlated with annual Baffin Bay sea-ice concentrations and summer and annual temperatures. Warm (cool) years with anomalously low (high) sea-ice concentration are associated with proportionally more (less) low-d-excess Baffin Bay moisture at the ice-core site. Multilinear regression models incorporating 2Barrel MSA, d-excess and snow accumulation account for 38–51% of the Baffin Bay sea-ice and temperature variance. The annual temperature model is significantly correlated with temperatures throughout most of Greenland and eastern Arctic Canada due to the strong influence of the North Atlantic Oscillation and Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation.

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      Coastal ice-core record of recent northwest Greenland temperature and sea-ice concentration
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      Coastal ice-core record of recent northwest Greenland temperature and sea-ice concentration
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      Coastal ice-core record of recent northwest Greenland temperature and sea-ice concentration
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Corresponding author
Correspondence: Erich C. Osterberg <>
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