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Human ocular onchocerciasis caused by Onchocerca lupi (Spirurida, Onchocercidae) in Iran

  • G. Mowlavi (a1), F. Farzbod (a2), A. Kheirkhah (a2), I. Mobedi (a1), D.D. Bowman (a3) and S.R. Naddaf (a4)
  • DOI:
  • Published online: 07 February 2013

Cases of canine onchocerciasis caused by Onchocerca lupi are increasingly reported from Europe and the western United States of America. The zoonotic role of this parasite had already been suspected in Europe as the clinical signs and histopathology seen in two ocular cases from Albania and the Crimean region were very similar to those of canine ocular onchocerciasis. In the most recent reports of human onchocerciasis, O. lupi has been morphologically and molecularly identified as the causative agent of ocular infestation in two patients from Turkey, and one patient from Tunisia. Here, we report an additional case of nodular lesions involving two, and possibly more, immature worms in a patient from Iran. The parasite was found to belong to the genus Onchocerca based on morphological features and the species was confirmed as O. lupi from a partial sequence analysis of 12S ribosomal DNA.

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