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A spectral sequence for the homology of a finite algebraic delooping

  • Birgit Richter (a1) and Stephanie Ziegenhagen (a2)

In the world of chain complexes En-algebras are the analogues of based n-fold loop spaces in the category of topological spaces. Fresse showed that operadic En-homology of an En-algebra computes the homology of an n-fold algebraic delooping. The aim of this paper is to construct two spectral sequences for calculating these homology groups and to treat some concrete classes of examples such as Hochschild cochains, graded polynomial algebras and chains on iterated loop spaces. In characteristic zero we gain an identification of the summands in Pirashvili's Hodge decomposition of higher order Hochschild homology in terms of derived functors of indecomposables of Gerstenhaber algebras and as the homology of exterior and symmetric powers of derived Kähler differentials.

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