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Effect of passive smoking on ciliary regeneration of nasal mucosa after functional endoscopic sinus surgery in children

  • A Atef (a1), I Abo Zeid (a1), M Qotb (a2) and E Gad El Rab (a3)


Hypothesis and background:

Passive smoking in the paediatric age group is associated with an increased frequency of a number of childhood respiratory disorders. However, its effect on ciliary regeneration after functional endoscopic sinus surgery for chronic sinusitis has not previously been reported.

Material and methods:

We conducted a prospective, nonrandomised cohort study on 38 paediatric patients with chronic sinusitis. We compared two patient groups – passive smokers and those not subjected to passive smoking – as regards ciliary regeneration after functional endoscopic sinus surgery, using objective methodology.

Results and conclusion:

We found passive smoking to have a negative impact on sinus cilia regeneration following functional endoscopic sinus surgery.


Corresponding author

Address for correspondence: Dr Ahmed Atef, 7 El-Shaheed Mahmoud Afifi Street, Almaza, Cairo, Egypt. E-mail:


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