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Mycotic infection of the ear (otomycosis): A prospective study

  • K. O. Paulose (a1), S. Al Khalifa (a1), P. Shenoy (a1) and R. K. Sharma (a1)


Otomycosis (fungal infection of the ear) is a not uncommon clinical problem encountered in our ENT practice. It makes up to 6 per cent of all patients with symptoms of ear disease seen in the Outpatient Clinic. Of the 193 patients with a clinical diagnosis of otomycosis, 171 cases produced positive fungal isolates. In this study Aspergillus species (niger and fumigatus) have been the most common fungal pathogens. Various aetiopathological factors have been examined in detail, and the available literature reviewed. The results of the treatment by nine antifungal agents currently available in Bahrain have been analysed.


Corresponding author

Mr. K. O. Paulose, F.R.C.S., Senior Registrar in ENT, Bahrain Defence Force Hospital, P.O. Box 28743, State of Bahrain.


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Mycotic infection of the ear (otomycosis): A prospective study

  • K. O. Paulose (a1), S. Al Khalifa (a1), P. Shenoy (a1) and R. K. Sharma (a1)


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