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A one-stage surgical procedure for placement of percutaneous implants for the bone-anchored hearing aid

  • E. A. M. Mylanus (a1) and C. W. R. J. Cremers (a1)


The bone-anchored hearing aid (BAHA) is an alternative to the conventional bone conduction hearing aid. The transducer is coupled to a percutaneous titanium implant which is traditionally inserted into the temporal bone in two stages. This study focusses on a one-stage surgical technique for the implantation of percutaneous implants. The preliminary clinical results of 33 one-stage implants in 33 patients are presented.

Post-operative necrosis of the skin grafts did not occur. After a follow-up which varied from nine to 25 months, 31 out of the 33 fixtures (94 per cent) were anchored firmly in the skull. Twenty-six out of the 33 implants (79 per cent) remained free from potentially dangerous skin reactions. The results were statistically comparable to those obtained with two-stage implants at the same clinic. Although longer follow-up is needed before a general statement can be made about replacing the two-stage technique, the preliminary one-stage results are promising.


Corresponding author

Mr E. A. M. Mylanus. University Hospital Nijmegen, ENT Department, P.O. Box 9101, 6500 HB Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Fax: 80540251.


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This study was supported by grants from, the Fund to initiate investigative medicine of the University Hospital Nijmegen, and from the fund of Investigative Medicine of the Ziekenfondsraad of The Netherlands.



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