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In-motion Alignment Algorithm for Vehicle Carried SINS Based on Odometer Aiding

  • Haijian Xue (a1), Xiaosong Guo (a1), Zhaofa Zhou (a1) and Kunming Wang (a1)

In-motion alignment plays an important role in improving the manoeuvring capability of a vehicle, and allows the initialisation of a Strapdown Inertial Navigation System (SINS) while moving. Odometer (OD) aided in-motion alignment is widely adopted owing to its fully self-contained characteristic. This paper proposes a complete in-motion alignment algorithm for a vehicle-carried SINS based on odometer aiding, in which an in-motion coarse alignment method using the integration form of the velocity update equation in the body frame to give a rough initial angle is introduced and a new measurement equation in the body frame with a Kalman filter (KF) for the in-motion fine alignment is established. The advantages of the proposed method are verified by simulation and measured data.

Corresponding author
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