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Editorial board

Nick Randall MSc FRIN, The Royal Institute of Navigation, UK

Associate Editors

Professor Ruizhi Chen PhD, Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi, USA |

Dr Ashim Debnath PhD, Victoria University, Australia

Dr Ramsey Faragher CPhys FRIN MION MA, DPhil, University of Cambridge, UK

Dr Shaojun Feng PhD FRIN, Imperial College London, UK

Assoc. Prof. Renato Filjar PhD, FRIN, University of Rijeka, Croatia

Dr Paul D Groves DPhil CPhys FRIN, University College London

Professor Peter J. Hore MA DPhil, University of Oxford, UK

Professor Shuanggen Jin PhD FIAG, Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, China

Dr Olivier Julien, ENAC, France

Professor Izzet Kale, University of Westminster, UK

Dr Lawrence Lau PhD FRICS FRIN, University of Nottingham Ningbo China, China|

Assoc. Prof. Simona Lohan PhD, Tampere University of Technology, Finland

Professor Margareta Lützhöft PhD, FNI, MRIN, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway

Dr Gene McCall, Los Alamos, USA

Dr Xiaolin Meng, University of Nottingham, UK

Dr Erik Styhr Petersen PhD MNI MSNAME, Denmark

Dr James Pinchin PhD AFRIN, University of Nottingham, UK

Professor Roberto Sabatini PhD, DEng, FRIN, RMIT University, Australia

Dr Wolfgang Schuster, Atkins

Dr Rafal Szlapczynski PhD, Gdansk University of Technology, Poland

Professor Peter J. G. Teunissen, FRIN, Curtin University, Australia & Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Assoc. Prof. Jinling Wang FRIN, FIAG, University of New South Wales, Australia

Dr Nick Ward PhD CEng FRIN, General Lighthouses Authority, UK

Professor Adam Weintrit, Gdynia Maritime University, Poland

Prof. Yuanxin Wu PhD, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Chairman of the Editorial Advisory Board

John Pottle, BSc MBA FRIN, The Royal Institute of Navigation, UK

Editorial Advisory Board

Professor S. Akesson, Lund University, Sweden

Professor C. Allen, University of Washington, USA

Professor V. Ashkenazi, Nottingham Scientific Ltd, UK

Professor V. A. Braithwaite, Penn State University, USA

Professor A. Dodson, University of Nottingham, UK

Dr A. V. Dunaev, Joint Stock Company “Russian Space Systems”, Russia

Dr A. El-Mowafy, Curtin University, Australia

Professor A. El-Rabbany, Ryerson University, Canada

Professor N. El-Sheimy, University of Calgary, Canada

Dr M. George, Pacific Traditions Society, USA

Professor D. Grejner-Brzezinska, FRIN, The Ohio State University, USA

Dr C. Hegarty, The MITRE Corporation, USA

Professor D-J. Jwo, National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan

Dr A. Kealy, University of Melbourne, Australia

Professor C. Kee, Seoul National University, South Korea

Professor J. Kirschvink, California Institute of Technology, USA

Professor S. Kos, University of Rijeka, Croatia

Professor T. Kos, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Professor R. B. Langley, University of New Brunswick, Canada

Professor D. Last, Consultant, UK

Professor J. N. Liu, Wuhan University, China

Professor K. J. Lohmann, University of North Carolina, USA

Dr S. Lo, Stanford University, USA

Professor S. Mills, Staffordshire University, UK

Professor T. Moore, University of Nottingham, UK

Professor P. Newman, University of Oxford, UK

Professor A. Norris, Consultant, UK

Professor W. Ochieng, Imperial College, UK

Professor P. Oonincx, Netherlands Defence Academy, The Netherlands

Professor M. Pawlowski, Gdansk University, Poland

Professor M. Pourzanjani, Raffles University Iskandar, Malaysia

Professor T. Ritz, University of California, USA

Professor M. N. Sweeting, Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd, UK

Professor G. Trommer, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

Dr M. Unwin, Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd, UK

Professor P. Vörsmann , TU Braunschweig, Germany

Professor C. Walcott, Cornell University, USA

Professor M. Walker, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Professor J. N. Weng, Beihang University, China

Dr R. Wiltschko, Frankfurt University, Germany

Professor W. Wiltschko, Frankfurt University, Germany

Professor M. Winklhofer, Munich University, Germany

Professor X. Yang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Professor Y. Yang, Xian Research Institute of Surveying and Mapping & China National Administration of GNSS and Application, China

Professor M. Ziebart, University College London, UK

Professor N. I. Ziedan, Zagazig University, Egypt