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Area, Class and Health: Should we be Focusing on Places or People?*

  • Sally Macintyre, Sheila Maciver and Anne Sooman


In Britain there has been a long tradition of research into associations between area of residence and health. Rarely has this involved investigating socio-economic or cultural features of areas that might influence health; usually studies use area level data, for example about specific pathogens or about levels of deprivation, as surrogates for individual level data, rather than being interested in the areas themselves. This paper reviews the literature on the relationship between area and health. It advocates directly studying features of the local social and physical environment which might promote or inhibit health, illustrating this approach with some findings from a study in the West of Scotland, and suggests that improvements in public health might be achieved by focusing on places as well as on people.



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Area, Class and Health: Should we be Focusing on Places or People?*

  • Sally Macintyre, Sheila Maciver and Anne Sooman


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