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ERNA and Friedman's Reverse Mathematics

  • Sam Sanders (a1)


Elementary Recursive Nonstandard Analysis, in short ERNA, is a constructive system of nonstandard analysis with a PRA consistency proof, proposed around 1995 by Patrick Suppes and Richard Sommer. Recently, the author showed the consistency of ERNA with several transfer principles and proved results of nonstandard analysis in the resulting theories (see [12] and [13]). Here, we show that Weak König's lemma (WKL) and many of its equivalent formulations over RCA0 from Reverse Mathematics (see [21] and [22]) can be ‘pushed down’ into the weak theory ERNA, while preserving the equivalences, but at the price of replacing equality with equality ‘up to infinitesimals’. It turns out that ERNA plays the role of RCA0 and that transfer for universal formulas corresponds to WKL.



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ERNA and Friedman's Reverse Mathematics

  • Sam Sanders (a1)


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