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  • Radu Pantilie (a1)


We extend T. Y. Thomas’s approach to projective structures, over the complex analytic category, by involving the $\unicode[STIX]{x1D70C}$ -connections. This way, a better control of projective flatness is obtained and, consequently, we have, for example, the following application: if the twistor space of a quaternionic manifold $P$ is endowed with a complex projective structure then $P$ can be locally identified, through quaternionic diffeomorphisms, with the quaternionic projective space.



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The author acknowledges partial financial support from the Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research, CNCS-UEFISCDI, project no. PN-III-P4-ID-PCE-2016-0019.



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  • Radu Pantilie (a1)


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