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Norms, organizations, and semantics

  • Olivier Boissier (a1), Marco Colombetti (a2) (a3), Michael Luck (a4), John-Jules Meyer (a5) and Axel Polleres (a6)...


This paper integrates the responses to a set of questions from a distinguished set of panelists involved in a discussion at the Agreement Technologies workshop in Cyprus in December 2009. The panel was concerned with the relationship between the research areas of semantics, norms, and organizations, and the ways in which each may contribute to the development of the others in support of next generation agreement technologies.



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Norms, organizations, and semantics

  • Olivier Boissier (a1), Marco Colombetti (a2) (a3), Michael Luck (a4), John-Jules Meyer (a5) and Axel Polleres (a6)...


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