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A sketch drawing humanoid robot using image-based visual servoing

  • Meng-Cheng Lau (a1), John Anderson (a1) and Jacky Baltes (a2)


This paper presents our sketch drawing artist humanoid robot research. One of the limitations of the existing artist humanoid robot is the lack of feedback on the error that occurs during the drawing process. The contribution of this research is the development of a humanoid robot artist with drawing error correction capability. Based on our previous work with open-loop control pen-and-ink humanoid robot artist, we have implemented a closed-loop visual servoing approach to address this problem. Our experimental results show that this approach is sufficient to correct drawing errors that occur due to mechanical limitation of a robot.



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A sketch drawing humanoid robot using image-based visual servoing

  • Meng-Cheng Lau (a1), John Anderson (a1) and Jacky Baltes (a2)


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