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Activation and damage of fusion materials and tritium effects in inertial fusion reactors: Strategy for adequate irradiation

  • J.M. PERLADO (a1), J. SANZ (a1) (a2), M. VELARDE (a1), S. REYES (a3), M.J. CATURLA (a4) (a3), C. ARÉVALO (a1), O. CABELLOS (a1), E. DOMINGUEZ (a1), J. MARIAN (a5), E. MARTINEZ (a1), F. MOTA (a1), A. RODRIGUEZ (a1), M. SALVADOR (a1) and G. VELARDE (a1)...


Long term research in low activation materials is being pursued in fusion programs and the assessment of allowable elements and/or impurities from safety and repository reasons are being studied at Instituto Fusión Nuclear (DENIM), using ACAB code, for national ignition facility (NIF) and inertial fusion energy (IFE) reactors. Uncertainties in nuclear data are being considered, and experiments for validation of modeling will be presented. Multiscale simulation of radiation damage is now starting to be compared with experiments, and results on the simplest material can be reported as a function of impurities, temperature, and dose. Molecular dynamics (MD) allows us to identify stress-strain curve of FeCr ferritic steels under irradiation, and macroscopic conclusions can be advanced using simple models. However, a neutron source of enough intensity and adequate energy spectrum is needed which will be very peculiar in the case of pulsed IFE, as we claimed in past years. Development of international fusion materials irradiation facility (IFMIF) will be commented and compared with solutions such as spallation, and others using ultra-intense lasers for obtaining required irradiation magnitudes. Research on radiation damage in SiC composite is being pursued at macroscopic level, but basic knowledge is scarce. A systematic identification of type of stable defects is being presented with a new tight binding MD technique. Our research on simulation of silica irradiation damage will also be presented. The role of tritium, when elemental tritium (HT) and titrated water (HTO) derive in organically bound tritium (OBT) will be explained. The deposition and absorption processes are now being considered in our calculations giving more precision and accuracy to our conclusions of dosimetry effects. The role of HT versus HTO and the importance of re-emission process will be remarked, together with the long-term role of OBT.


Corresponding author

Address correspondence and reprint requests to: J. Manuel Perlado, Universidad Politécnica, Instituto de Fusión Nuclear (DENIM), ETS Ingenieros Industriales, José Gutierrez Abascal, 2; 28006 Madrid, Spain. E-mail:


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This paper was presented at the 28th ECLIM conference in Rome, Italy.



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