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Application of laser driven fast high density plasma blocks for ion implantation

  • AMIR H. SARI (a1), F. OSMAN (a2), K.R. DOOLAN (a2), M. GHORANNEVISS (a1), H. HORA (a3), R. HÖPFL (a4), G. BENSTETTER (a4) and M.H. HANTEHZADEH (a1)...

The measurement of very narrow high density plasma blocks of high ion energy from targets irradiated with ps-TW laser pulses based on a new skin depth interaction process is an ideal tool for application of ion implantation in materials, especially of silicon, GaAs, or conducting polymers, for micro-electronics as well as for low cost solar cells. A further application is for ion sources in accelerators with most specifications of many orders of magnitudes advances against classical ion sources. We report on near band gap generation of defects by implantation of ions as measured by optical absorption spectra. A further connection is given for studying the particle beam transforming of n-type semiconductors into p-type and vice versa as known from sub-threshold particle beams. The advantage consists in the use of avoiding aggressive or rare chemical materials when using the beam techniques for industrial applications.

Corresponding author
Address correspondence and reprint requests to: Heinrich Hora, Department of Theoretical Physics, University of New South Wales, P.O. Box 343, Connesl Point 2221, Sydney, Australia. E-mail:
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