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Generation of terahertz radiation by beating of two circular flat-topped laser beams in collisional plasma

  • Farhad Bakhtiari (a1), Masoud Yousefi (a1), Shole Golmohammady (a1), Seyed Masoud Jazayeri (a1) and Bijan Ghafary (a1)...

This paper presents a scheme of terahertz (THz) radiation generation based on beating of two flat-topped laser beams by different frequencies and the same electric field amplitudes in actual plasma with spatially periodic density that electron–neutral collisions have been taken into account. Flat-topped laser beams have the exclusive features such as steep gradient in distribution of laser intensities, wider cross-section in comparison with other profiles, which make stronger ponderomotive force and lead to stronger nonlinear current and hence, THz radiation of higher field. The effects of laser and plasma parameters on THz radiation generation are investigated analytically. It is shown that by increasing the order of flatness of incident laser beams, because of their steep gradient, good enhancement in emitted THz radiation take place. It can be deduced that by increasing beating frequency, efficiency of THz generation decreases which can be compensated by manipulating in density ripple magnitudes. The intensity of the emitted radiations is found to be highly sensitive to the order of flatness. Based on the results of this paper, optimization of laser and plasma parameters can increase the efficiency of THz radiation generation strongly.

Corresponding author
Address correspondence and reprint requests to: F. Bakhtiari, Physics Department, Iran University of Science and Technology, Heydarkhani, Tehran, Iran. E-mail:
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