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Generation of terahertz radiation by beating of two laser beams in collisional magnetized plasma

  • A. Hematizadeh (a1), S.M. Jazayeri (a1) and B. Ghafary (a1)

This paper presents analytical calculations for terahertz (THz) radiation by beating of two cosh-Gaussian laser beams in a density rippled collisional magnetized plasma. Lasers beams exert a ponderomotive force on the electrons of plasma in beating frequency which generates THz waves. The magnetic field was considered parallel to the direction of lasers which leads to propagate right-hand circularly polarized or left-hand circularly polarized waves in the plasma depending on the phase matching conditions. Effects of collision frequency, decentered parameter of lasers and the magnetic field strength are analyzed for THz radiation generation. By the optimization of laser and plasma parameters, the efficiency of order 27% can be achieved.

Corresponding author
Address correspondence and reprint requests to: A. Hematizadeh, Department of Physics, Iran University of Science & Technology, Narmak, Tehran, Iran. E-mail:
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