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High energy heavy ion jets emerging from laser plasma generated by long pulse laser beams from the NHELIX laser system at GSI

  • G. SCHAUMANN (a1), M.S. SCHOLLMEIER (a1), G. RODRIGUEZ-PRIETO (a2), A. BLAZEVIC (a2), E. BRAMBRINK (a1) (a3), M. GEISSEL (a1) (a4), S. KOROSTIY (a2), P. PIRZADEH (a1), M. ROTH (a1), F.B. ROSMEJ (a5), A.YA. FAENOV (a6), T.A. PIKUZ (a6), K. TSIGUTKIN (a7), Y. MARON (a7), N.A. TAHIR (a2) and D.H.H. HOFFMANN (a1) (a2)...


High energy heavy ions were generated in laser produced plasma at moderate laser energy, with a large focal spot size of 0.5 mm diameter. The laser beam was provided by the 10 GW GSI-NHELIX laser systems, and the ions were observed spectroscopically in status nascendi with high spatial and spectral resolution. Due to the focal geometry, plasma jet was formed, containing high energy heavy ions. The velocity distribution was measured via an observation of Doppler shifted characteristic transition lines. The observed energy of up to 3 MeV of F-ions deviates by an order of magnitude from the well-known Gitomer (Gitomer et al., 1986) scaling, and agrees with the higher energies of relativistic self focusing.


Corresponding author

Address correspondence and reprint requests to: Dieter HH Hoffmann, Gesellschaft fuer schwerionenforschung mbH (SGI), Planckstrasse 1, Darmstadt D-64291, Germany. E-mail:


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High energy heavy ion jets emerging from laser plasma generated by long pulse laser beams from the NHELIX laser system at GSI

  • G. SCHAUMANN (a1), M.S. SCHOLLMEIER (a1), G. RODRIGUEZ-PRIETO (a2), A. BLAZEVIC (a2), E. BRAMBRINK (a1) (a3), M. GEISSEL (a1) (a4), S. KOROSTIY (a2), P. PIRZADEH (a1), M. ROTH (a1), F.B. ROSMEJ (a5), A.YA. FAENOV (a6), T.A. PIKUZ (a6), K. TSIGUTKIN (a7), Y. MARON (a7), N.A. TAHIR (a2) and D.H.H. HOFFMANN (a1) (a2)...


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