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National Ignition Facility target design and fabrication

  • R.C. Cook (a1), B.J. Kozioziemski (a1), A. Nikroo (a2), H.L. Wilkens (a2), S. Bhandarkar (a1), A.C. Forsman (a2), S.W. Haan (a1), M.L. Hoppe (a2), H. Huang (a2), E. Mapoles (a1), J.D. Moody (a1), J.D. Sater (a1), R.M. Seugling (a1), R.B. Stephens (a2), M. Takagi (a1) and H.W. Xu (a2)...

The current capsule target design for the first ignition experiments at the NIF Facility beginning in 2009 will be a copper-doped beryllium capsule, roughly 2 mm in diameter with 160-µm walls. The capsule will have a 75-µm layer of solid deuterium-tritium on the inside surface, and the capsule will be powered by X-rays generated from a gold/uranium cocktail hohlraum. The design specifications are extremely rigorous, particularly with respect to interfaces, which must be very smooth to inhibit Rayleigh-Taylor instability growth. This paper outlines the current design, and focuses on the challenges and advances in capsule fabrication and characterization; hohlraum fabrication, and deuterium-tritium layering and characterization.

Corresponding author
Address correspondence and reprint requests to: Robert Cook, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, P. O. Box 808, Livermore, CA 94550. E-mail:
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