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New records of marine amphipod fauna (Crustacea: Peracarida) on the Algerian coast

  • Samir Grimes (a1), Jean-Claude Dauvin (a2) and Thierry Ruellet (a2)

Recent sampling surveys (1995–2001) of the shallow (3–136 m) soft-bottom communities along the Algerian coast in nine bays and gulfs and twelve harbours have allowed 206 species of marine amphipod to be recorded. Among the species recorded, 45 species appear to be new in terms of the inventory of the marine amphipod fauna of Algeria (Bakalem & Dauvin, 2005). This note reports on the number of specimens sampled for each of these 45 species and provides data on sediment type and depth at which they were sampled. Sixteen of these species are considered to be endemic to the Mediterranean Sea, twenty-six are north-eastern Atlantic species, and the last three have a wide geographical distribution in the Indo-Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans. The sampling also permitted the confirmation of the presence of five other Atlantic amphipod species not already reported in the inventory of the Mediterranean amphipod fauna (Bellan-Santini et al., 1998). The total number of marine amphipod fauna in Algeria is now 298.

Corresponding author
Correspondence should be addressed to: J.-C. Dauvin, Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille, UMR 8187 CNRS LOG, Station Marine de Wimereux, 28 avenue Foch, BP 80, 62930 Wimereux, France email:
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