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Generating functions of orbifold Chern classes I: symmetric products

  • TORU OHMOTO (a1)


In this paper, for a possibly singular complex variety X, generating functions of total orbifold Chern homology classes of the symmetric products SnX are given. These are very natural “class versions” of known generating function formulae of (generalized) orbifold Euler characteristics of SnX. Our Chern classes work covariantly for proper morphisms. We state the result more generally. Let G be a finite group and Gn the wreath product GSn. For a G-variety X and a group A, we show a “Dey–Wohlfahrt type formula“ for equivariant Chern–Schwartz–MacPherson classes associated to Gn-representations of A (Theorem 1ċ1 and 1ċ2). When X is a point, our formula is just the classical one in group theory generating numbers |Hom(A, Gn)|.



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