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Inhomogeneous random coverings of topological Markov shifts



Let $\mathscr{S}$ be an irreducible topological Markov shift, and let μ be a shift-invariant Gibbs measure on $\mathscr{S}$ . Let (Xn)n ≥ 1 be a sequence of i.i.d. random variables with common law μ. In this paper, we focus on the size of the covering of $\mathscr{S}$ by the balls B(Xn, ns). This generalises the original Dvoretzky problem by considering random coverings of fractal sets by non-homogeneously distributed balls. We compute the almost sure dimension of lim supn →+∞B(Xn, ns) for every s ≥ 0, which depends on s and the multifractal features of μ. Our results include the inhomogeneous covering of $\mathbb{T}^d$ and Sierpinski carpets.



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Inhomogeneous random coverings of topological Markov shifts



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