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On the asymptotic expansions of the Kashaev invariant of the knots with 6 crossings



We give presentations of the asymptotic expansions of the Kashaev invariant of the knots with 6 crossings. In particular, we show the volume conjecture for these knots, which states that the leading terms of the expansions present the hyperbolic volume and the Chern--Simons invariant of the complements of the knots. As higher coefficients of the expansions, we obtain a new series of invariants of these knots.

A non-trivial part of the proof is to apply the saddle point method to calculate the asymptotic expansion of an integral which presents the Kashaev invariant. A key step of this part is to give a concrete homotopy of the (real 3-dimensional) domain of the integral in ℂ3 in such a way that the boundary of the domain always stays in a certain domain in ℂ3 given by the potential function of the hyperbolic structure.



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