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  • K. G. A. Hamilton

The genus "Paraphlepsius" of authors is divided into two genera, Paraphlepsius Baker and Pendarus Ball which also encompass the nearctic species of "Phlepsius" of authors.Pendarus is divided into two subgenera: Pendarus sensu stricto with nine species, and Remadosus Ball with five species. P. likrois n. sp., P. crucifix n. sp., and the female of P. cirrus (DeLong) are described.Paraphlepsius is divided into five subgenera: Strephonius n. subgen. with nine species, Sabix n. subgen. with five species, Gamarex n. subgen. with 32 species, Paraphlepsius sensu stricto with 11 species, and Paraphysius n. subgen. containing 11 species. Nine new species and one new subspecies are described: P. delongi, P. exilis, P. geneticus, P. lupalus, P. luxuria, P. quadratus, P. superior, P. umbellatus, P. zanclois, and P. brunneus ravus. The male of P. maculosus (Osborn) and the females of P. cinereus (Van D.), P. divergens (Oman), and P. supinus (DeLong) are described.The following new synonymies are made: lippulus Ball = auroalbus Walker; slossonae Ball and tullahomi DeLong = stipatus Walker; fastuosus Ball = punctiscriptus Van Duzee; fulviceps Osborn & Lathrop = uhleri Van Duzee; dampfi DeLong = obvius Oman; optatus Crumb = strobi Fitch; bipartitus DeLong = carolinus Lathrop. The following species are removed from synonymy: franconianus Ball, micronotatus Osborn & Lathrop, nebulosus Van Duzee, and uhleri Van Duzee.All available types were examined, and lectotypes are designated for bifidus Sanders & DeLong, electus DeLong, hemicolor Sanders & DeLong, lobatus Osborn, palustris Sanders & DeLong, particolor Sanders & DeLong, planus Sanders & DeLong, stipatus Walker, strobi Fitch, tennessus DeLong, and umbrosus Sanders & DeLong. Neotypes are designated for apertinus Osborn & Lathrop, carolinus Lathrop, and torridus Lathrop.Previously undescribed characters of the female internal genitalia are described and illustrated. All species are described, keyed, and illustrated for both sexes where these are known.

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