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Crystal structure of the high-pressure monoclinic phase-II of cristobalite, SiO2

  • M. T. Dove (a1), M. S. Craig (a1), D. A. Keen (a2), W. G. Marshall (a2), S. A. T. Redfern (a1), K. O. Trachenko (a1) and M. G. Tucker (a1)...

The crystal structure of the high-pressure phase-II of cristobalite has been solved by neutron diffraction (space group P21/c, a = 8.3780(11) Å, b = 4.6018(6) Å, c = 9.0568(13) Å, β = 124.949(7)°, at P = 3.5 GPa). This phase corresponds to a distortion of the high-temperature cubic β-phase, rather than of the ambient temperature and pressure tetragonal α-phase.

Corresponding author
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