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Sm-Nd and Lu-Hf isotope and trace-element systematics of Mesoarchaean amphibolites, inner Ameralik fjord, southern West Greenland

  • Kristoffer Szilas (a1), J. Elis Hoffmann (a2) (a3) (a4), Christina Hansmeier (a2), Julie A. Hollis (a5) (a6), Carsten Münker (a3), Sebastian Viehmann (a7) and Haino U. Kasper (a3)...

Fragmented supracrustal rocks are typical components of Archaean high-grade gneiss terranes, such as those in the North Atlantic Craton. Here we present the first major, trace element and Nd-Hf isotope data for amphibolites collected in the yet poorly studied southern inner Ameralik fjord region of southern West Greenland. In addition, new U-Pb zircon ages were obtained from the surrounding TTG gneisses.

Based on their trace-element patterns, two different groups of amphibolites can be distinguished. Following screening for post-magmatic alteration and outlying ε values, a reduced sample set defines a 147Sm/143Nd regression age of 3038 Ma ±310 Ma (MSWD = 9.2) and a 176Lu/176Hf regression age of 2867 ±160 Ma (MSWD = 5.5). Initial εNd2970Ma values of the least-altered amphibolites range from 0.0 to +5.7 and initial εHf2970Ma range from +0.7 to +10.4, indicating significant isotopic heterogeneity of their mantle sources with involvement of depleted domains as well as crustal sources.

Surprisingly, the amphibolites which are apparently most evolved and incompatible element-rich have the most depleted Hf-isotope compositions. This apparent paradox may be explained by the sampling of a local mantle source region with ancient previous melt depletion, which was re-enriched by a fluid component during subduction zone volcanism or alternatively by preferential melting of an ancient pyroxenite component in the mantle source of the enriched rocks.

Corresponding author
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This paper is published as part of a special set in Mineralogical Magazine, Volume 79(4), 2015, arising out of the March 2014 NAC Conference on the North Atlantic Craton.

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