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Zr- and LREE-rich titanite from Tre Croci, Vico Volcanic complex (Latium, Italy)

  • G. Della Ventura (a1), F. Bellatreccia (a1) and C. T. Williams (a2)


Titanite occurs in the groundmass of a holocrystalline volcanic ejectum collected in the pyroclastic rocks of the Vico Volcanic complex at Tre Croci, near Viterbo, Italy. The host rock is composed of abundant K-feldspar and minor plagioclase, biotite, clinopyroxene and a feldspathoid (sodalite). Titanite is typically associated with zirconolite, biotite and Fe-oxides. It has a medium Al content (Al2O3 + Fe2O3 = 4–6 wt.%) and contains significant amounts of Zr and LREE, with a chondrite- normalised REE pattern similar to those of titanites from other alkaline rocks. Titanite has been corroded by fluids probably rich in dissolved F and P during a late alteration stage, with evidence for some remobilization and redistribution of the REE and actinide elements.



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Zr- and LREE-rich titanite from Tre Croci, Vico Volcanic complex (Latium, Italy)

  • G. Della Ventura (a1), F. Bellatreccia (a1) and C. T. Williams (a2)


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