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Beyond Expectation: Advanced Materials Design, Synthesis, and Processing to Enable Novel Ferroelectric Properties and Applications

Published online by Cambridge University Press:  08 September 2020

Jieun Kim
Department of Materials Science & Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA94720
Eduardo Lupi
Department of Materials Science & Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA94720
David Pesquera
Department of Materials Science & Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA94720 Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Campus UAB, Bellaterra, 08193Barcelona, Spain
Megha Acharya
Department of Materials Science & Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA94720 Materials Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA94720
Wenbo Zhao
Department of Materials Science & Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA94720
Gabriel A. P. Velarde
Department of Materials Science & Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA94720
Sinead Griffin
Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA94720
Lane W. Martin
Department of Materials Science & Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA94720 Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA94720
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Ferroelectrics and related materials (e.g., non-traditional ferroelectrics such as relaxors) have long been used in a range of applications, but with the advent of new ways of modeling, synthesizing, and characterizing these materials, continued access to astonishing breakthroughs in our fundamental understanding come each year. While we still rely on these materials in a range of applications, we continue to re-write what is possible to be done with them. In turn, assumptions that have underpinned the use and design of certain materials are progressively being revisited. This perspective aims to provide an overview of the field of ferroelectric/relaxor/polar-oxide thin films in recent years, with an emphasis on emergent structure and function enabled by advanced synthesis, processing, and computational modeling.

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Copyright © The Author(s), 2020, published on behalf of Materials Research Society by Cambridge University Press

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