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Iodosodalite Waste Forms from Low-Temperature Aqueous Process

  • Junghune Nam (a1), Saehwa Chong (a2), Brian J. Riley (a3) and John S. McCloy (a1) (a2) (a3)


Nuclear energy is one option to meet rising electricity demands, although one concern of this technology is the proper capture and storage of radioisotopes produced during fission processes. One of the more difficult radioisotopes is 129 I due to its volatility and poor solubility in traditional waste forms such as borosilicate glass. Iodosodalite has been previously proposed as a viable candidate to immobilize iodine due to high iodine loading and good chemical durability. Iodosodalite was traditionally synthesized using solid state and hydrothermal techniques, but this paper discusses an aqueous synthesis approach to optimize and maximize the iodosodalite yield. Products were pressed into pellets and fired with glass binders. Chemical durability and iodine retention results are included.


Corresponding author


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Iodosodalite Waste Forms from Low-Temperature Aqueous Process

  • Junghune Nam (a1), Saehwa Chong (a2), Brian J. Riley (a3) and John S. McCloy (a1) (a2) (a3)


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