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Progress in Carbon Nanotube Electronics and Photonics

Published online by Cambridge University Press:  31 January 2011

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In electronics and photonics, intrinsic properties of semiconducting materials play a dominant role in achieving high-performance devices and circuits. In this respect, carbon nanotubes are prime candidates because of their exceptionally high carrier mobility, low capacitance, and strong optical response (direct bandgap). Although these properties compare very favorably with those of crystalline silicon, several issues related to their synthesis, processing, and assembly have challenged efforts for making electronic and photonic devices. Tremendous progress, nevertheless, has been achieved over the years, and much has been learned from novel photonic devices and electronic circuits. We review some of the developments in nanotube transistor performance optimization, ac operation, nanotube circuits, self-assembly, thin-film devices, and nanotube optical devices such as light emitters and detectors. We also examine the issues and opportunities that still exist.

Copyright © Materials Research Society 2010

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