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Hot-carrier dynamics in catalysis

  • Hayk Harutyunyan (a1), Figen Suchanek (a2), Robert Lemasters (a3) and Jonathan J. Foley (a4)


Nanoscale materials that contain metallic components can be designed to have excellent light-harvesting capabilities, and can also be used to direct the flow of energy from incident photons into small molecules at or near the surface of metal nanoparticles. One promising route for energy flow is through so-called hot charge carriers, which are optically excited on metal nanoparticles and subsequently transferred to molecules/materials that share an interface with the metal. This article provides an overview of the fundamentals of hot-carrier generation and transfer, discusses both theoretical and experimental means for interrogating these processes, and discusses several potential societally important applications of hot-carrier-driven chemistry to solar fuels and sustainable chemistry.



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Hot-carrier dynamics in catalysis

  • Hayk Harutyunyan (a1), Figen Suchanek (a2), Robert Lemasters (a3) and Jonathan J. Foley (a4)


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