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Nanomaterials-based flexible and stretchable bioelectronics

  • Jun-Kyul Song (a1), Kyungsik Do (a2), Ja Hoon Koo (a3), Donghee Son (a4) and Dae-Hyeong Kim (a5)...


Conventional silicon-based electronics have faced challenges in the realization of soft bioelectronics, such as wearable and implantable integrated devices, which necessitate electrically and mechanically interactive biotic–abiotic interfacing without disturbing the daily life of the user or posing biocompatibility issues. Recently, much effort has been directed at overcoming the mechanical limitations of conventional rigid electronics by replacement of bulky, thick, and rigid electronic materials with biocompatible, soft, and nanoscale electronic materials, which exhibit intrinsic mechanical deformability as well as superior electrical properties. Recent advances in the synthesis of unconventional nanomaterials, surface functionalization methods, and integrated device fabrication techniques have resulted in further improvements in the performance of nanomaterials-based soft bioelectronics. Numerous studies have focused on the biological, electrical, and mechanical analyses of heterogeneous nanomaterial–biosystem interfaces as well as the development of efficient integration processes of soft nanomaterials into devices. In this article, we summarize the latest advances and future prospects in nanomaterials synthesis, processing, and integration strategies for flexible and stretchable bioelectronics, and their application to wearable and implantable devices.



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This article is based on the Symposium X (Frontiers of Materials Research) presentation given at the 2018 MRS Fall Meeting in Boston, Mass.



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Nanomaterials-based flexible and stretchable bioelectronics

  • Jun-Kyul Song (a1), Kyungsik Do (a2), Ja Hoon Koo (a3), Donghee Son (a4) and Dae-Hyeong Kim (a5)...


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