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Science and Applications of Mixed Conductors for Lithium Batteries

  • Michael M. Thackeray, John O. Thomas and M. Stanley Whittingham

Mixed conductors show significant mobility of both electronic and ionic species and were the subject of an earlier review in MRS Bulletin.1 The current review is restricted to those mixed conductors of interest for use in lithium batteries, with an emphasis on commercialization. The first lithium batteries were primary cells using pure lithium anodes and carbon monofluoride or manganese oxide as the cathode. Both were developed in Japan, the former for use in fishing floats and the latter for calculators and similar small devices. Such primary cells based mainly on MnO2 or FeS2 cathodes are still extensively used in watches, cameras, and so on. Lithium primary cells are also the main power source for many medical devices, such as pacemakers. In some of these applications, silver vanadate is the cathode.

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