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Bulk Growth of SiC

  • Peter Wellmann (a1), Ralf P. Müller (a2), Sakwe A. Sakwe (a3), Ulrike Künecke (a4), Philip Hens (a5), Mathias Stockmeier (a6), Katja Konias (a7), Rainer Hock (a8), Andreas Magerl (a9) and Michel Pons (a10)...

The paper reviews the basics of SiC bulk growth by the physical vapor transport (PVT) method and discuss current and possible future concepts to improve crystalline quality. In-situ process visualization using x-rays, numerical modeling and advanced doping techniques will be briefly presented which support growth process optimization. The “pure” PVT technique will be compared with related developments like the so called Modified-PVT, Continuous-Feeding-PVT, High-Temperature-CVD and Halide-CVD concepts. Special emphasis will be put on dislocation generation and annihilation and concepts to reduce dislocation density during SiC bulk crystal growth. The dislocation study is based on a statistical approach. Rather than following the evolu-tion of a single defect, statistic data which reflect a more global dislocation density evolution are interpreted. In this context a new approach will be presented which relates thermally induced strain during growth and dislocation patterning in networks.

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