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Deformation and Fracture of Oxides Fabricated on 304L Stainless Steel via Pulsed Laser Irradiation

  • Samantha K. Lawrence (a1) (a2), Douglas D. Stauffer (a3), Ryan C. Major (a3), David P. Adams (a4), William W. Gerberich (a5), David F. Bahr (a1) and Neville R. Moody (a2)...


Localized heating of metals and alloys using a focused laser beam in ambient atmosphere produces dielectric oxide layers that have characteristic optical appearances including different colors. Nanoindentation probed the deformation and fracture of laser-fabricated oxides on 304L stainless steel. Conductive nanoindentation measured electrical contact resistance (ECR) of the same colored oxides indicating a correlation between laser exposure, conductance during loading, current-voltage (I-V) behavior at constant load, and indentation response. Microscopy and X-ray diffraction examined the microstructure and chemical composition of the oxides. Combining techniques provides a unique approach for correlating mechanical behavior and the resulting performance of the films in conditions that cause wear.



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