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Design of Anodes for IT SOFC: Effect of Complex Oxide Promoters and Pd on Activity and Stability in Methane Steam Reforming of Ni/YSZ (ScSZ) Cermets

  • Vladislav A Sadykov (a1), Natalia V Mezentseva (a2), Rimma v Bunina (a3), Galina M Alikina (a4), Anton I Lukashevich (a5), Vladimir A Rogov (a6), Ella M Moroz (a7), Vladimir I Zaikovskii (a8), Arcady Ishchenko (a8), Oleg F Bobrenok (a9), Alevtina Smirnova (a10), John Irvine (a11) and Oleksandr Vasylyev (a12)...


Effect of fluorite-like or perovskite-like complex oxide promoters and Pd on the performance of Ni/YSZ and Ni/ScSZ cermets in methane steam reforming or selective oxidation by O2 into syngas at short contact times was studied. Spatial uniformity of dopants distribution in composites was controlled by TEM combined with EDX, while the lattice oxygen mobility and reactivity was elucidated by CH4 and H2 TPR. Oxide promoters allow to operate even at stoichiometric H2O/CH4 ratio by suppressing coke deposition through modification of Ni surface, while doping by Pd ensures reasonable performance at moderate (∼550 °C) temperatures required for Intermediate–Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (IT SOFC).



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