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A Dual-RF-Plasma Approach for Controlling the Graphitic Order and Diameters of Vertically-Aligned Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes

  • Jitendra Menda (a1), Lakshman Kumar Vanga (a1), Benjamin Ulmen (a1), Yoke Khin Yap (a1), Zhengwei Pan (a2), Ilia N. Ivanov (a2), Alex A. Puretzky (a2) and David B. Geohegan (a3)...


Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) is a unique technique for growing vertically-aligned multiwall carbon nanotubes (VA-MWNTs) at controllable tube densities. This technique is of considerable importance for low temperature growth of VA-MWNTs at desired locations. However, the graphitic order of these MWNTs is inferior to those grown by laser ablation, arc discharge, and thermal CVD techniques. Previously, these VA-MWNTs were grown by a one-plasma approach (DC, microwave etc), either for gas decomposition or substrate biasing. Here, we describe a dual-RF plasma enhanced CVD (dual-RF-PECVD) technique that offers unique capability for controlling the graphitic order and diameters of VA-MWNTs.


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