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Electromigration-Induced Stress Interaction between Via and Polygranular Cluster

  • Young-Joon Park (a1), In-Suk Choi (a2) and Young-Chang Joo (a2)


We have investigated the stress interaction between via and polygranular cluster in the pure Al line using 1-dimensional computer simulation. The conventional belief was that the fastest stress evolution at the via occurs when the polygranular cluster is just below (or above) the via. However, the electromigration induced stress at the via would be faster when a cluster is apartfrom via because the stress interaction between via and clusters may assist electromigration. We simulated the time that the via reaches a certain stress value as a function of the distance of the cluster. It gives a specific distance where the time was minimum (i.e the fastest stress evolution). We named the position as the Fastest Stress Enhancing Polygranular cluster Position (FaSEPP). As a function of the current density, the FaSEPP decreases.



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