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Examples of Hydrothermal Titration and Real Time X-Ray Diffraction in the Synthesis of Open Frameworks

  • J. B. Parise (a1) (a2), K. Tan (a1), P. Norby (a3), Y. Ko (a1) and C. Cahill (a2)...

Hydrothermal titration (HTT) techniques represent a new synthetic strategy for the production of open frameworks. As an example, initial digestion of amorphous GeS2 in the presence of tetraethyl ammonium hydroxide (TEAOH) at 100°C is followed by injection of Ag+ into this mixture to condense the [Ge4S10]4− clusters and form a framework consisting of 8-ring channels bounded by alternating GeS-clusters and Ag+. The rational use of this apparatus depends upon determining the timing of injection. Insight into the changes occurring during reactant digestion is provided by real time synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction. Changes in the the system dimethylamine-Sb-S have been followed in real time at different temperatures. The transformation from mixtures of DMA, Sb and S to the known open phase DMA-SbS-SB8 was followed by observing monochromatic X-ray scattering detected on an imaging plates over a 8 hr period with one continuous exposure.

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