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Fast/Instant Radionuclide Release: Effects inherent to the experiment

  • B. Kienzler (a1), A. Loida (a1), E. González-Robles (a1), N. Müller (a1) and V. Metz (a1)...


The release of radionuclides measured during washing cycles of spent nuclear fuel samples in a series of experiments using different solutions are analyzed with respect to the fission products Cs, Sr, and Tc and the actinides U, Pu, and Am. Based on the concentrations of the dissolved radionuclides, their release rates are evaluated in terms of fraction of inventory in the aquatic phase per day. The application of this information on the fast/instant radionuclide release fraction (IRF) is discussed and following issues are addressed: Duration of the wash steps, solution chemistry, and radionuclide sorption onto surface of the experimental vessels. Data for the IRF are given and the correlation between the mobilization of the various elements is analyzed.



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