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Folding Graphene with Swift Heavy Ions

  • Sevilay Akcöltekin (a1), Hanna Bukowska (a1), Ender Akcöltekin (a1), Henning Lebius (a2) and Marika Schleberger (a1)...

Swift heavy ion induced modifications on graphene were investigated by means of atomic force microscopy and Raman spectroscopy. For the experiment graphene was exfoliated onto different substrates (SrTiO3 (100), TiO2(100), Al2O3(1102) and 90 nm SiO2/Si) by the standard technique. After irradiation with heavy ions of 93 MeV kinetic energy and under glancing angles of incidence, characteristic folding structures are observed. The folding patterns on crystalline substrates are generally larger and are created with a higher efficiency than on the amorphous SiO2. This difference is attributed to the relatively large distance between graphene and SiO2 of d ≈ 1 nm.

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