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Growth and Layer Characterization of SrTiO3 by Atomic Layer Deposition using Sr(tBu3Cp)2 and Ti(OMe)4


Strontium titanate (STO) thin films (45-67 % Sr) were deposited by atomic layer deposition using Sr(tBu3Cp)2/Ti(OMe)4/H2O as precursors. The Sr content of the layers is well controlled by the precursor pulse ratio, as indicated by Rutherford backscattering spectroscopy (RBS). The amount of Sr and Ti deposited depends on the Sr:Ti pulse ratio and indicates the enhancement of the Ti precursor reactivity in the presence of Sr-OH. STO compositions that are closer to stoichiometric SrTiO3 result in denser films with correspondingly higher index of refraction. The increase (decrease) of the Sr content over (below) 50 % leads to an expansion (contraction) of the lattice parameter corresponding to cubic SrTiO3 with a perovskite structure. The dielectric constant (extracted from film thickness series) and leakage current strongly depends both on the Sr content and the crystalline state of the films.



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