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Intercalation Of Layered V2O5 Xerogel With Polymers

  • M. G. Kanatzidis (a1), C.-G. Wu (a1), Y.-J. Liu (a1), D. C. DeGroot (a2), J. L. Schindler (a2), H. O. Marcy (a2) and C. R. Kannewurf (a2)...


The intercalation properties of the layered V2O5 xerogel towards conductive polymers are described. The systems intercalated with polyaniline show post-intercalative redox polymerization caused by ambient oxygen to give products with enhanced conductivity. For the first time the role of oxygen in this intercalation reaction has been unequivocally identified. We also report the synthesis and some properties of a new intercalation compound in which the guest species is poly(ethylene oxide), an insulating polymer.



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