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Large area light propagation in quasi-zero average refractive index materials

  • Principia Dardano (a1), Vito Mocella (a2), Stefano Cabrini (a3), Allan S. Chang (a4), Luigi Moretti (a5), Ivo Rendina (a6), Deindre Olynick (a7), Bruce Harteneck (a8) and Scott Dhuey (a9)...

In this paper the experimental results show near-infrared light collimation through large area (2 x 2 mm) nanopatterned material with refractive index quasi-zero on the average. This quasi-zero refractive index is obtained alternating photonic crystals strips with effective refractive index neff = –1 and air strips (n = 1). Layers optically annihilate each other, verifying the optical antimatter concept theoretically proposed by Pendry et al [J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 15, 6345 (2003)].

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