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The Luminescent Properties of Ion-Implantation-Fabricated SiO2:nc-Si Nanostructures Annealed at High Temperatures

  • David I. Tetelbaum (a1), Oleg N. Gorshkov (a1), Alexandr P. Kasatkin (a1), Vladimir A. Burdov (a1), Sergey A. Trushin (a1), Alexey N. Mikhaylov (a2) and Daria M. Gaponova (a2)...


The influence of the Si+ implantation dose and postimplantation annealing temperature on the photoluminescence (PL) intensity of silicon nanoinclusions in an SiO2 matrix was experimentally investigated. The way that the PL varied with dose and annealing temperature was explained on the basis of a model which takes into account the Ostwald ripening of nanocrystals and effect of the quantum dot size on the rate of radiative recombination.



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