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Mesoporous Hybrid Thin Films: Building Blocks for Complex Materials with Spatial Organization

  • Galo J. Soler-Illia (a1), Paula C. Angelomé (a1), M. Cecilia Fuertes (a1), Alejandro Wolosiuk (a1), Sara A. Bilmes (a2), Francisco Javier López-Alcaraz (a3) and Hernán Míguez (a3)...

Mesoporous Hybrid Thin Films (MHTF) of a variety of compositions and embedded organic functions are produced by combining sol-gel synthesis, template self-assembly and surface modification. One-pot or post-grafting strategies permit to modify the pore surface behavior. Highly controlled MHTF issued from a reproducible and modular synthesis can be used as building blocks for more complex structures, presenting order at larger scales, and novel properties derived from this multiscale order. Multilayer stacks of MHTF presenting specific and different functions and frameworks located in a well-defined position have been produced by combining sequential film deposition, selective functionalization and dissolution. These systems present new properties such as localized chemistry or modulable photonic crystal behavior.

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